1978 Cadillac Ambuster 6 Door Limo!!!
Custom T-bucket Hearse!!!
Custom wolf man hearse.
1975 S&S Endloader.
Really different.
Volvo Hearse hightop.
Model T Hearse
.Rock 105 S&S Endloader.
Custom Cadillac Flower Car!!!
German VW Bus Hearse
Lincoln Flower Car
Now this is one custom pimp
cruiser.  Nothing ordinary about
this cadillac.
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Now that is one bad meat
Pink volvo hearse.
The Pope would love this hearse.
They will turn anything into a hearse oversea's.
Bennett Funeral Coaches
one of the most unique designs ever. Just give Rance a call and he will show you some of the best hearses ever made.
Hearse and Limo Combo
So now you can take the family to graveyard with you, in one car.
This S&S endloader, can run over any tombstone.
Now that is a very pink,
Miller Meteor Meat Wagon.
Everytime I think I have seen everything, they come up with something ne to blow my mind.
A Mini Cooper Hearse
Are you kidding me, what are you going to hall midgets.
Talk about your boxy lincolns, this is a awsome car.
Now that is custom paint
Horse Drawn hearses are always the way to go.
1957 Chevy belair hearse.
It is one even my dad would ride in.