Russ Browns new 1989
Miller Meteor endloader
Welcome to the club.
Perry's Ghostbuster's
Troy Hambley, with some police escorts at Bennett Funeral Coaches.
Terry and mary's Coach
Buick Eurika endloader.
This is a real rat rod!!!!
Robert Jones and his 83 cadillac
endloader. S&S Victoria.
Ionia, Michigan
1988 Eagle Specialist GM {UK}
Eagle Quest Hearse Auto
2.0L engine, and seats 4 people.
Owned by Wayne Smith
All the way from Scotland.
Rick 's bad a** Lincoln hearse and coffin trailor.
Sara Leslie's 1989 olds hearse.
David and Sara Bakers, 1968 Superior Endloader.
Sue Ragers pontiac endloader,
named "drucilla" a real head turner,