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A Hearse and car club where anyone with a custom Hearse, Car, Bike, Etc, belongs. If you like to have a good time, and enjoy showing it off. Then come and join us. It is totally free.

{DANGER} do not enter this site!!! If you are under 18 years of AGE!!! Go away now. Also if take heart medication, have any other medical problems, or are just uptight in general, please stay away this is not your usual run of the mill car club. We carry fun to the edge, and do not look back. So if this offends you in any way great, because you have been warned. Now if are staying, please enjoy the show.
Immortal Fashions
Also if you are looking for "Gothic boots, Purses, or custom shoes or boots". Please click the Immortal Fashions Link.

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Everybody Wants to follow a leader. And we are happy to show them the way.  Somebody has to do it.

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God Bless "AMERICA" !!! Look after our country. And bless our Troop's here and abroad. 

"She was loved by everyone who was lucky enough to know her." -William McComber, Emma's dad.

On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, Emma was killed in a tragic way along with her mother and her younger brother. The families are seeking those who can find it in their hearts and budget to help with the costs involved during the painful time.
Emma McComber Memorial Fund
Updated 5/11/16